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Always indulge in Matcha Lattes when possible.

Always indulge in Matcha Lattes when possible.

     Well, here it is - the start of a fresh blog! Honestly, I've always avoided starting a personal one because I feel like everyone has one and it's sort of overdone... 

     However, I want some sort of outlet to get my thoughts out to everyone along with recommendations on how to live a cleaner lifestyle in terms of both diet and organic beauty.

On this blog, you'll hear about the following:

  • Product loves/recommendations
  • My travel adventures
  • Health updates and whatnot
  • Natural makeup looks or "No Makeup" looks
  • Business talks (see my about me for more info)
  • Food! (I used to be a big foodie until my lifestyle change. Now, I'm a healthy foodie)

The struggle with making a blog is that everyone is starting one or already has one. I feel as if I'm already behind the "blog game". There's so much useful and amazing content out there that I was always intimidated in starting one.  I'll try to blog as often as I can but I also love hearing from others and readers! If you have suggestions on what you'd like to see posted - please contact me or DM me on my Instagram.  

Talk soon and stay tuned!